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Food Sensitivity Testing

A food sensitivity is an adverse reaction to a food that other people can safely eat. Symptoms of food sensitivity are varied, and may include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, headache, skin inflammation, mood swings, fatigue, sinus/lung congestion, arthritis and other vague symptoms. Long term dietary habits may lead to more serious symptoms and illness. Identifying, and then subsequently avoiding or limiting the foods you are sensitive to, is an easy first step to improved health.

How does Food Sensitivity Testing Work?
Bio-energetic testing using the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) or pulse assessment is a non-invasive effective way to monitor functional processes within the body and to determine allergic stress from foods that we are eating, and chemicals we come in contact with. It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of energy pathways within the body and the Auricular Medicine concept that there is a distinct change in the quality of the pulse when substances are brought in close to the body. This phenomenon is measurable and repeatable with modern equipment, however manual pulse assessment continues to be a more efficient method of assessment for infants and adults.

Food sensitivities can develop due to an overt immune reaction to a food or chemical. In this case once identified, avoiding the offending food allows the body to return to balance and the immune system to heal.

Often food sensitivities develop due to poorly digested foods that eventually, over time, cause the immune system to recognize these foods as harmful. Toxin overload, candida or bacteria infiltration and ‘leaky-gut-syndrome’ are often involved in triggering this digestive mal-absorption.

After eliminating the offending food for a period of time and, if needed, working to heal the digestive system and immune system, the body recovers and most foods can be returned to the diet.

What happens during a consultation?
A first appointment lasts about an hour and begins with a detailed consultation, followed by VAS-Pulse testing. The background information enables the practitioner to better understand the possible cause(s) of your problem. Recommendations regarding avoiding offending foods and suggestions for alternatives are given. Acupuncture or acupressure points may be suggested to address the underlying causes and speed the healing process. Supplements may be suggested and are optional.

Indications for Food Sensitivity Testing:
Acne Skin inflammation
Arthritis Muscle pains
Fatigue Sinus/Lung congestion
Hyperactivity Heartburn
Nausea Diarrhea
Constipation Headaches

Quick Facts
Food Sensitivity Testing
Performed By:
Bev Chortos
Treatment Schedule:
Prices include HST
Initial Assessment
Adult  ................. $   95.00
Child  ................. $   85.00
Subsequent Visits
Adult  ................. $   55.00
Child  ................. $   42.00
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Food Sensitivity Testing


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