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What is Holoenergetic« Healing?
Holoenergetic« Healing is a method for healing with the energy of the "whole." Leonard Laskow, M.D., a Stanford-trained physician who has studied the healing power of love for over 25 years, developed this learning path. It is designed to empower you to transform and heal yourself through heightened awareness, love, and conscious choice.

How does Holoenergetics« work?
Dysfunctional energetic patterns held in the body developed at an early age are often the source of mental, emotional and physical illness and pain problems. Holoenergetics« allows the person to clearly establish what they want to heal from or change by getting to the source of distress and illness. Using a guided meditation and breath, a client can access those emotions, and then make a conscious choice to release the past and replace it with love to transform the issue to heal the physical body.

Indications for Holoenergetics«
Headaches Insomnia
Sciatica Depression
Self-criticism Weight problems
Cancer Asthma
Abuse issues Heart ailments
Low self-esteem Intestinal disorders
Muscle and joint pain Anxiety

Quick Facts
Performed By:
Christina Kish
Performed as part of Bio-Integrative Mapping
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