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Oxygen Therapy

The Power of Oxygen
To remain healthy, every cell in the entire body must be provided with a continuous supply of oxygen. Oxygen starvation or deficiency is one of the main causes of degenerative diseases.

As we age, our bodies take in less oxygen. All of the physical and chemical processes of the body require oxygen. Oxygen is used to rid the body of toxins, viruses and disease.

Oxygen Deficiency
Oxygen deficiency is vastly widespread. It is of the utmost importance to know the reasons why we may not be getting enough amazing oxygen.

To summarize: air pollution; processed and cooked foods; smoking; chemically treated and polluted water; sprayed fruits and vegetables; toxin polluted homes; lack of ventilation in offices, work places and homes; lack of exercise; alcoholic and soda beverages; aging and stressful lifestyles; all contribute to oxygen deficiencies.

Oxygen Treatments
The most effective way to supplement the body with additional oxygen is through the lungs, or through the skin and digestive system. Oxygen is inhaled through a sterile nose cannula (tube) connected to theOxybox machine.

We offer a safe low flow rate of oxygen which is 4 times more oxygen then the ambient air. Ambient air (what we are breathing now) consists of 21% oxygen.

A flavoured scent can be chosen, for example: lime, spearmint, orange, watermelon or plain for scent sensitive people.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy
Heightens concentration Regulates blood pressure
Kills harmful bacteria & viruses Relieves symptoms of PMS
Helps reverse premature aging Increases energy levels
Increases athletic stamina Rapid fatigue recovery
Lowers resting heart rate Improves circulation
Improves sleep Strengthens immune system
Improves memory Decreases headaches
Speeds recovery time Increased metabolism
Relieves anxiety Helps eliminate toxins

Sporting Events
The Oxybox is portable and may be used at sporting events, client appreciation days, and corporate functions. Contact us for more information and reservation details.

Quick Facts
Oxygen Therapy
Treatment Schedule:
Prices include HST
10 min ................. $    7.00
20 min ................. $  11.00
30 min ................. $  16.00
60 min ................. $  18.00
100 min punch card $  25.00
Add oxygen the same day as another service and SAVE 20%
Please contact us if you would like more information on this or any other service.

Oxygen Therapy


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