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Posture Alignment

The Posture Alignment Series (Structural Integration) is a progressive, systematic approach to reducing chronically held muscle and joint tension. Based on the principle of Rolfing developed by Dr. Ida Rolf,  the focus of the treatment program is to release patterns of stress and impaired function from the body and restore good posture. The applied pressure is deep, but within your personal tolerance for pain.

How does Structural Integration work?
Using myofascial techniques the tissues are lengthened and freed from the underlying structures to create space and increased mobility. The bodywork is broken down into 10 sessions that are 1 to 1.5 hours in length. Each session has a specific goal to accomplish building on the previous session and preparing the body for the next treatment. A client will gain a greater awareness of their body and experience new ways of being and moving with greater ease and balance.

Your initial visit will involve a Functional Movement Screening and Posture Analysis with photographs. Pictures are taken several times during the series of treatments to evaluate progress.

Indications for Structural Integration
Posture imbalances Chronic pain
Restricted breathing Balance
Recurring injuries Muscle tension
Headaches Body awareness issues
Muscle weakness Organ congestion

Quick Facts
Posture Alignment
Performed By:
Christina Kish
Treatment Schedule:
Prices include HST
Each Session
Students ............. $ 105.00
Adults ................. $ 120.00
Session Descriptions
Please contact us if you would like more information on this or any other service.

Posture Alignment


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