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Fresh Wave Sport Spray

Fresh Wave Sport Spray

Size : 4 oz (118 mL)

Fresh Wave Sport Spray
Fresh Wave® natural odour eliminators use the power of nature and molecular science to get rid of organic and inorganic odours from the most odourous places you can think of. It is safe to use around people and pets as Fresh Wave uses no toxins making it an eco-friendly product.

The Sport Spray is good for removing offending odours in athletic shoes and apparel, gym lockers, equipment bags and more all with its natural ingredients and with it being a spray you can stay ahead of the game and attack the odours as they happen.  It is a safe natural odour control that won’t harm or damage any of your athletic gear.

Ingredients: Water and natural extracts of lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood


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Fresh Wave Sport Spray


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