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Transform Uniquely

Transform Uniquely is an intuitive based division of Body Kneads, with customizable programs and workshops. While embracing an enhanced healing paradigm, using physical radiesthesia and muscle testing techniques, each program is designed for YOU by YOU. Our vision is to create, empower and evolve adaptable models for healing and wellness mastery.

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself through the immune system. Dis-ease is transformed as we achieve holistic balance in the four core elements of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We strive to collectively and consciously engineer YOUR pursuit to health and wellness.

Who is ready for Bio-Integrative Mapping?

anyone ready to step up to improve their health and wellness
anyone ready to take charge of their life transitions (divorce, moving, career changes)
those who need to shift through grief and loss of a loved one
anyone looking to improve their relationships with self, family, co-workers, finances,
events, conditions
those looking to accelerate their personal growth and self esteem
anyone wishing to navigate what is NOT working in your life to thrive beyond

As your wellness engineer, helping you to improve the health of your body and mind is my passion. I merge my background in health and manual therapies, with my energy medicine trainings for an integrative, intuitive approach. These programs are the culmination of my certifications and personal development to create a truly transformational series.


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75 min (in office)
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90 min (Skype, video messenger, phone, email)
$ 110.00

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Transform Uniquely


Applications Used During Bio-Integrative Mapping


Psych-K® is a unique process evolving from years of split-brain research and hundreds of sessions with individuals and groups. It creates a receptive state of mind that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious. Your beliefs create possibilities and impossibilities and those subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you are able to achieve.

What is Psych-K®?
Psych-K® is a simple, direct and verifiable way to identify and change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits and behaviours. It is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, and your physical health.

How does Psych-K® work?
The facilitator uses a simple biofeedback system such as muscle testing to detect the presence or absence of stress (inner conflict) in the subconscious mind. It is used to identify subconscious truths as well as establishing a convenient communication system to determine the blockages in a person's system. Limiting beliefs are found, tested and balanced using whole brain movement.

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What is Holoenergetic® Healing?

Holoenergetic® Healing is a method for healing with the energy of the "whole." Leonard Laskow, M.D., a Stanford-trained physician who has studied the healing power of love for over 25 years, developed this learning path. It is designed to empower you to transform and heal yourself through heightened awareness, love, and conscious choice.

How does Holoenergetics® work?

Dysfunctional energetic patterns held in the body that have developed at an early age are often the source of mental, emotional and physical illness and pain problems. Holoenergetics® allows the person to clearly establish what they want to heal from or change by getting to the source of distress and illness. Using guided meditation and breath, a client can access those emotions, make a conscious choice to release the past and replace it with love to transform the issue to heal the physical body.

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What is BioGeometry®?

BioGeometry® is a modern science that offers to balance the energy-quality of our lives, environment and technology. Our vital energy systems are in constant interaction with each other and with our environment, exchanging energy effects on all levels.

How does BioGeometry® work?

Based on a Physics of Quality, BioGeometry uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy-qualities found in any living system. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or centering within any system. This one centering energy effect is detected through three specific energy-qualities that it manifests, and has been termed BG3. This BG3 energy-quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems with in nature. BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to amplify the presence of this highly beneficial centering quality, as well as to harmonize energy interactions with the environment.

BioGeometry is the only science that has been effectively applied on a wide scale for the harmonization of the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (Earth energy grids) on biological systems.

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What are BioSignatures®?

BioSignatures® are about reading the energy design language of nature that presents itself in the shapes that we see. They are linear diagrams that, by virtue of their design properties, directly balance the energy of body organs and their functions.

How do BioSignatures® work?
BioSignatures® are activated by the body's peripheral energy system through specific shapes that simulate the electrical path of various functions or different body organs. The energy is conducted through these linear diagrams. As the flow of energy through the patterns enters into resonance with the functions of the organ, it causes a harmonic amplification which restores the correct balance within the organ; this correction is instantaneous on the energy level.

To manifest on the physical however it may take longer depending on the nature of the problem and the state of the organ concerned.
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Access Bars

The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life.

What are the Bars?
The "Bars" store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

Access Consciousness Body Processes-Vision Correction
This process not only activates healing energies in your eyes, but it also deletes the beliefs you have about aging and vision, and it deletes your judgments about what is or is not possible to change with your eyes and vision.
The Correcting Vision process targets your physical vision and facilitates you to activate 15 potent energies specifically designed to unlock you from the patterns that are locking in less than perfect vision for you.

Access Consciousness Body Processes-Energetic Face Lift
The Access Face Lift works on an energetic level to nurture your face and whole body, allowing your body to look and feel its best. The focus is to clear points of view that can limit our energy of being vibrant, healthy and full of youth. We will also clear points of view regarding aging, judgements and perceptions about our bodies and beauty. This amazing process can reverse the appearance of aging on the face.
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Shadow Energetics

Shadow Energetics is about judgement and having the mirror held up showing us the exact aspects of ourselves that we have disowned and need to embrace in our journey back into wholeness and unconditional self-love.

This work addresses the unresolved dynamics that can sabotage your relationships, contribute to illness, compromise your self-worth and hijack your ability to make conscious choices. Shadow Energetics can simply and effectively allow you to energetically reconcile your relationships to these patterns by finding the parts of your personality that you have dis-owned, recognizing their value and embracing them, so you can enrich your life.
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Transform Uniquely


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