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Yoga is a 5000 year old practice combining breath awareness with movement. Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions, by helping us to withdraw from the chaos of the world and find a quiet space within. Yoga develops both physical and emotional flexibility, strength and balance. The breathing and postures help to increase our awareness of ourselves by helping us to become aware of the messages we receive from our own bodies. Yoga teaches us to respect where we are, emotionally, physically, and mentally, every day. With this awareness we can learn and grow.

Why a Private Yoga Session?
When working with students one on one, we help them to articulate their goals in approaching their yoga practice. We incorporate their unique circumstances and design a program that will cater to their specific needs, while still challenging them and helping them grow. We approach each student with the desire to help them find the best version of their practice and themselves. If so desired, each student is given a specially designed, short take home practice, to help them continue to grow their practice between sessions.

Yoga helps us to simply feel better in our bodies, which makes even daily tasks easier. Yoga works on calming the nervous system and opening the body and mind, which decreases stress and gives us energy. It helps us to stay more emotionally balanced, by giving us a way to reconnect with a sense of peace. Physically, yoga strengthens, tones, and lengthens muscles, and allows us to use our breath more efficiently. Yoga relieves joint and back pain, improves circulation and respiration, and releases tension. The increased flexibility, range of motion, focus, strength, lung capacity, and balance help us avoid injury and improve performance in athletic or other daily activities.

Quick Facts
Performed By:
Jodi Lassner
Treatment Schedule:
Prices include HST
Private Yoga Lessons
60 min ................. $  55.00
75 min ................. $  65.00
90 min ................. $  75.00
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